Allstate Value Plan Review

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Allstate is pushing its so-called value program on television nowadays…but they’re not giving a lot of detail about what the plan incorporates. Enter TTAI.

We did a little digging to see exactly what the “Allstate Value Plan®” offers and it turns out there’s a reason they don’t discuss the details. It appears there really aren’t any. At least nothing noteworthy.

Allstate’s Value Plan® is actually one of four options in their “Your Choice Auto®” arsenal. In fact, it’s the bottom level option, so we’re going to tell you what it’s not, rather than what it is…which is a basic auto insurance policy.

Value is Not Platinum Level

The Platinum level is the highest available, as you may expect. This means the most additional bells and whistles are available with this plan. What are they?

1. Accident forgiveness – your fault or not. And, the forgiveness begins right away rather than after you’ve “earned it.” Read more about how accident forgiveness works.
2. Deductible rewards – You earn an immediate $100 off your collision deductible and an additional $100 off each year with no accident – $500 off maximum. Similar to the Vanishing Deductible over at Nationwide.
3. Allstate Safe Driving Bonus Check – You can earn up to 5% of your premium back each six months for accident-free driving.

Value is Not Gold Level

The next notch down is the Gold level. Not quite as comprehensive as Platinum, but can hold its own. What does Gold offer that Value doesn’t?

1. Accident forgiveness for one accident (See Platinum if you plan on being a repeat offender).
2. Deductible rewards – same as in Platinum above.

Value is Not Standard Level

Were getting near the bottom of the barrel here, but we are not to the Value Plan® yet. The Standard level policy still has a bell (or whistle).

1. Accident Forgiveness – not as lenient as the Gold or Platinum, this program option will allow you to enroll in accident forgiveness after your have proven yourself worthy…five years down the road.

Value is Value

There are no bells and/or whistles at this level. It’s a basic auto insurance policy without all the hype and options to spend more money. Well, there is free enrollment in Good Hands Roadside Assistance and a discount for paying your bill upfront in full, along with standard Allstate auto insurance discounts.

But not much more beyond that. Oh, and new car replacement is an optional coverage available if you buy any Your Choice Auto package.

So it looks as if Allstate has spent so much money on advertising their additional coverage options and pushing the “dollar for dollar” pitch that they may have decided to go back and focus on their basic policy.

And it turns out if you spend a few hundred million dollars on advertising that explains why your coverage is generally more expensive than other insurers…people will get the idea that you’re too expensive to even bother with. At least those who don’t purchase on emotion.

We’re in a recession folks. Not everyone has the option to spend money on additional coverage; they just need insurance.

If you feel slighted, don’t. Insurance is highly competitive because there’s so much profit to be made. These national insurers have to advertise like crazy to continue to grow their company.

The good news is you can comparison shop and save. Grab an insurance quote online and/or speak with an independent insurance agent who can shop your rate with multiple insurers all at once to ensure you get the most value for your buck!

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