Titan Insurance No Broker Fee Review

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You’re probably hearing a lot about Titan Insurance right now…especially since they’re offering insurance for “as little as $1 per day” without charging a broker fee. You’re probably also wondering just what in the heck a broker fee is.

We’re seeing TV advertisements and billboards all over the place, which makes us want to dig a little deeper to get to know this company.

So, who is Titan and what do they offer? Good question. Let’s take a look at Titan Insurance and their claim of dirt cheap insurance in more detail.

Titan Insurance Is Affiliated with Nationwide

As with many insurance companies today, Titan is connected with other, more well-known insurance companies.

Specifically, they are affiliated with Victoria Insurance, which is a Nationwide company. We assume you’ve heard of Nationwide and their famous jingle.

Nationwide is a high end (preferred) insurer who recognized the value of bankrolling other insurance companies that sell insurance to customers who don’t necessarily fit their “risk appetite.”

Put simply, they don’t want to insure high-risk drivers, but know there’s a lot of money in it at the same time!

Titan is a non-standard auto insurer. This means they specialize in insuring drivers with MVR and C.L.U.E. activity and not-so-perfect credit. You can expect to purchase a minimum limit, liability-only car insurance policy.

They cater to those of us who are looking to simply stay legal, i.e. be able to produce proof of insurance if pulled over by the police.

What Does Titan Insurance Offer?

Titan Insurance might be the best option for drivers with the following characteristics:

Driving record with tickets or accidents
– Lapse in coverage – driving uninsured for a period over 30 days
– Less than perfect credit
State minimum auto insurance
– Liability-only policies – no physical damage coverage
– SR22 insurance coverage

REGARDLESS of driving record and insurance history, many standard insurers will not offer insurance to drivers who have had a lapse in coverage.

What’s the Deal with “No Broker Fees?”

We’re not really sure where they’re going with this marketing, as broker fees are not terribly common. Perhaps they are targeting companies like “The General” and “Esurance,” which offer insurance over the phone or via the internet.

Both The General and Esurance are not actually insurers, meaning they do not collect your insurance premium or pay your insurance claims. Rather, they act as insurance brokers that “sell” you a policy from another carrier and charge you a fee for the “service.”

While not paying broker fees is arguably better than paying them, but you might be better served by contacting a local independent insurance agent who can sell you a policy from any number of car insurance companies (the same companies The General and Esurance use) without a fee.

Independent agents typically collect a commission, paid by the insurance company, but don’t charge any additional fees (broker fees).

In fact, if you’re working with an agent who charges fees – above what they receive from the insurance companies they represent, you might want to find a new agent.

Update: In 2015, Titan sold 83 retail stores to First Acceptance Corporation, which re-branded the stores under the name Acceptance Insurance.

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    John Klaiber

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