Top 10 Health Insurance Companies

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If you’re in the market for health insurance, make sure you go with a company you can trust.

After all, there’s nothing more important than your health – and care can get pretty expensive if things take a turn for the worse.

That being said, you should look for a company that’s been around a while, with a proven ability to pay insurance claims (financially stable) and good customer service ratings.

Remember, it’s a lot more likely an insurer will pay your claim if they’re still in business…

Taking the above information into account; here are the “top 10 health insurance companies in the United States,” based on insurance premiums written in 2009, per III.

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies

1. UnitedHealth Group: $80.1 billion – Market share: 12.36%
2. WellPoint Inc. Group: $56.3 billion – Market share: 8.69%
3. Kaiser Foundation Group: $48.4 billion – Market share: 7.46%
4. Aetna Group: $28.1 billion – Market share: 4.33%
5. Humana Group: $26.6 billion – Market share: 4.11%
6. Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC): $18.3 billion – Market share: 2.82%
7. American Family Corp. Group: $14.8 billion – Market share: 2.29%
8. Coventry Corp. Group: $13.1 billion – Market share: 2.02%
9. Highmark Group: $12.9 billion – Market share: 1.98%
10. Independence Blue Cross Group: $10.2 billion – Market share: 1.57%

The health insurance companies listed above may offer a combination of health, life, property, and casualty, along with an array of financial products as well.

It’s not necessary to purchase a health insurance policy from one of the companies listed above to ensure you receive adequate coverage or service – these are merely the largest health insurance companies around.

There are literally thousands of insurance companies out there to choose from; some focus on only one type of insurance or one specific region of the United States, and may be better suited for your individual needs.

If you have questions about your coverage or rates, compare insurance quotes online and/or contact an independent insurance agent to discuss your options.

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