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You’ve likely seen the commercials by now. And you may be wondering exactly how this service works and what the benefits are.

You came to the right place. Let’s take a look at why “Progressive’s Concierge Claims Service” may be a great choice for you.

What Do I Get?

According to the commercial, your Grandmother gets your son’s favorite compact disc back (that she left in the CD player when dropping her car off for repairs, because she was so “shaken up”). But what else?
Progressive “takes care of the details”

If you’ve had an accident, you simply report it online (or via phone we’re assuming) and make an appointment to drop off the car (or have it towed) at a Progressive Service Center.

Progressive takes over from there. Without going through the motions step-by-step, they “deal with” the rest of the process from start to finish. Ultimately, you drop it off damaged and pick it up right where you dropped it off, ideally in it’s old pre-damaged condition.

You can get a rental vehicle in the same location you drop the car off. This can be a very convenient, as you won’t need a ride over to the rental car agency. You don’t have to bum a ride or pay for a cab.

(Rental car insurance)

And Progressive aims to have you on your way within 15 minutes of arriving at their “Service Center.”

To be clear, the Service Center isn’t where the car is actually repaired. Progressive’s Service Center is the drop off and pick up point only.

You Don’t Do the “Dirty Work”

You don’t have to spend your own time finding a mechanic (that won’t rip you off) or getting estimates from several mechanics.

You’ll also save time and grief by not having to “go between” the insurance company and the repair shop to negotiate ongoing repairs and costs.

Once the car is repaired, it’s returned to the Service Center, where it’s inspected for quality assurance.

When Progressive is satisfied with the repairs, they contact you to come pick up your car. They also have a representative available to answer any questions about the process from beginning to end.

What if Progressive is “Satisfied” More Easily Than Me?

No need to worry. Your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. After that point, it’s not your concern anymore.

Note: Only the repairs are guaranteed. Progressive is not liable for indirect, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages that result from your covered repair. Their words…not ours.

What’s “The Catch?”

Well, it’s not so much a catch. You simply need to be sure you purchased all of the appropriate coverage on your policy to enjoy the benefits of the program.

For example, if you did not purchase collision coverage or comprehensive coverage, you don’t qualify to have your car repaired in the first place.

(Full coverage vs liability-only)

Also, you do not qualify for the onsite auto rental if you didn’t spring for the rental car coverage on your policy.

Why Is Progressive So Wonderful?

It potentially saves them millions of dollars per year on insurance claims fraud. How? They are in control of the process from beginning to end.

This leaves no room for unscrupulous mechanics or insured to try to skim some money off the top with inflated estimates or unnecessary repairs.

Progressive may also be able to control some of the (legitimate) repair costs. We imagine that if you want to be an “approved” mechanic in this program, you play by Progressive’s rules.

This might mean performing repair work at a lower cost to Progressive than would be charged to anyone off the street.

The repair shop likely gets increased business and reserves the right to call themselves “Progressive Approved,” which can be a big deal…the name is kind of well known!

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