Allstate Motor Club Roadside Assistance Review

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The Allstate Motor Club, affiliated with Allstate Insurance Company, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a television based marketing push. Established in 1961, the Allstate Motor Club was the original national motor club offering roadside assistance to drivers.

I know what you’re thinking…we’ve got it backwards, and mean to say AAA! Rest assured, we’ve done the research and mean to say Allstate Motor Club.

Sounds like AAA Motor Club got the jump from an advertising standpoint, as the Allstate Motor Club, with over 1,000,000 members, is not widely recognized. Thus the television ad campaign!

What’s the Deal with Allstate Motor Club?

  • Aside from providing 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Allstate Motor Club includes travel discounts
  • Savings at retail stores and online
  • And even legal defense, similar to the many perks offered via an AAA membership

How is “Allstate Roadside Assistance,” provided by the Allstate Motor Club, different than other roadside assistance programs? Long story short; it’s not really.

It is, however, a comprehensive program, which offers a couple distinct membership plans that allow their insured (and non-Allstate customers alike) the flexibility to choose what level of travel protection they need.

They used to offer five plans with similar coverage available, just higher “limits” of coverage the more you go up the chain. Now they offer just two.

One plan is designed for just cars and one for cars AND motorcycles and RVs (2018 prices):

– Roadside Advantage Plan – $52 per year
– Platinum Elite Plan – $99 per year

Here is the bread-and-butter service of the program:

– 24 hour emergency services – lock out, tow, flat tire and gas delivery (fuel at member’s expense)
– Roadside assistance – although listed separately from “24 hour emergency service,” further review demonstrates this element of the program is the same item, just listed separately by program to show the value of the coverage (either $100 or $250 benefit max based on plan )
– Arrest bond certificate – Hopefully you won’t need this. Let’s just leave it at that.
– Trip interruption – certain expenses (meals, lodging) paid as a result of an accident, or disablement on more expensive plans, when you are over 100 miles from your home

Assuming you go with the Platinum Elite plan, the ante is upped by adding Personal Assist 24/7 Concierge, My AutoExpert™ (repair and referral services), Road Hazard benefit (payment for a flat or replacement tire), and free CARFAX® vehicle report.

The benefits are also higher for Platinum Elite versus Roadside Advantage. For example, the max benefit for trip interruption is $750 for the cheaper plan and doubles to $1,500 for the more expensive version.

And as mentioned, you get the motorcycle and RV coverage, should you be operating something other than a passenger automobile.

What Else Do I Get with a Allstate Motor Club Membership?

  • You can save on hotel stays at some 80,000 properties worldwide
  • Access flight deals and special vacation packages
  • Get upgrades and free rental days when you rent a car
  • And get discounts on oil changes, auto parts, and even savings at amusement parks, movie theaters, and sporting events

The Allstate Motor Club has partnered with some travel and retail shopping partners to offer discounted services and products.

One has to become a member to get the exact details of the companies and discounts, but “up to 50%” in discounts are touted on the website for the following retail & entertainment categories (think Diners Club):

– Automotive, dining, health & beauty, movies, recreation, services and shopping

As if that weren’t enough, you can also book travel, rent a car, and reserve lodging using software on their website.

Additionally, Allstate Motor Club offers assistance with researching and purchasing a vehicle should you need it (if you opt for the higher end package). They refer to this as their “Allstate car buying service” in commercials.

They claim that their “hassle-free” service offers members the chance to save thousands off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of a new vehicle. And that Allstate Motor Club members gain access to an exclusive network of Certified Dealers.

Spoiler alert. They just send you through TrueCar, which may or may not save you money depending on who you talk to.

Final Word on Allstate Motor Club

  • If cost is no object and you think the benefits are something you’ll actually use
  • The Allstate Motor Club might be a no-brainer for you
  • But keep in mind that many credit card issuers and even car companies
  • Offer similar services on a complimentary basis

If you are the type of person who says, “I don’t care what it costs, I’d rather be worry free on the road than worry about money,” Allstate Roadside Assistance may be for you.

At the end of the day, all the roadside assistance services tied to this program are readily available from most other car insurance companies, so nothing too earth shattering there.

On top of that, all the additional services offered (at additional expense) are available for free by utilizing the internet, i.e. researching/booking flights and rental cars as well as finding discounted services and auto finance calculators.

Many of the services are also offered by certain credit card companies for free as part of their card member agreements. Be sure to check with your credit card company before giving away your money.

Sticking with a basic roadside assistance program might be the best option for most motorists.

All of the bells and whistles of the program add more to your tab, but can be obtained for free with equal or slightly more effort using a smartphone.

In summary, let roadside assistance be roadside assistance. To that end, know that Allstate also offers straight up roadside coverage to its auto insurance customers for an additional fee, along with pay-per-use “Good Hands Rescue” to those who only want to have help at the ready if and when needed.

Allstate Motor Club offers roadside assistance AND a bunch of other stuff you may not need.
Good Hands Rescue offers on-demand roadside assistance with no membership fee, pay only when you actually need help.
Roadside Coverage can be added to your auto policy if you’re insured with Allstate for an additional cost paid via your premium.

Be sure to check with an independent insurance agent to ensure you receive the best deal on both your auto insurance and roadside assistance coverage.

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  1. J W Fleming December 26, 2013 at 10:23 am -

    Following is a message I sent to Allstate Motor Club “Customer Service” this morning; ” am sure your records will confirm the dozens of calls I made on Christmas Morning ref my account. I talked to people in Malaysia, India, the Philippines, and other exotic places. None spoke English well enough to communicate. I had to tell one guy 4 times how to spell “Texas” and he still didn’t get it. After departing our home in Electra for a day trip to DFW area with kids, we experienced a blowout. When finally I connected with a white person, they sent a kid out tohelp. He quickly informed me that even thoughI had a new full-size spare, it was low on air, and he couldn’t either change it, nor air it up. The phone calls began again, with more of the same frustration. I finally had a guy from Big Daddy Wrecker of Wichita Falls call and told me that he would tow my car the 40 miles back to my home, but it would cost ME $175.00 Cash, even though your “Policy” says 100 mile towing is paid for. I told him no. A passing motorist finally stopped, I paid him a $100.00 bill, and he took my spare 9 miles down the road, aired it up, and returned and mounted it for me. The whole ordeal took 4 hours. We returned home with no Christmas visit. I am 65 years old, and have prosthetic “everything” in addition to a mild stroke a few years back. I’ve been a loyal customer with auto and home insurance for over 15 years. You people OWE ME, either the money I paid the motorist, or the money I paid for this complete and total “Waste of Time” Roadside assistance program.”

  2. Susan Hogan December 31, 2017 at 9:23 pm -

    Wow. I was left for 9 hours in a location with no cell phone connection. A train derailment in WA left me stranded. Not one human being stopped . This was a freezing night with no electrical power in my car. I called my Allstate agent the next day when Allstate Motor Club said I was not a member and that they had sent me 4 mailings to renew my membership.
    They had not!!! AARP who also refused to help me in the next two days at least apologized and gave me a $26.00 refund.
    AARP roadside is another Allstate subsitary company.
    I have joined AAA.
    A truck driver helped me. I am 62 years old and had to visit my doctor as my toes were blue for 2 days. Allstate roadside assistance is useless.
    I also have 5 cars insured by Allstate and my home.
    I have never had a problem with them but roadside I do not recommend!!!

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