Allstate Claim Satisfaction Guarantee Review

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Allstate Insurance recently launched its so-called “Claim Satisfaction Guarantee,” which is currently available in 31 states.

In short, Allstate policyholders who are dissatisfied with their insurance claims experience are able to receive up to a six-month insurance premium credit on their auto insurance policy.

How It Works

Perhaps your insurance adjuster didn’t call you back fast enough…you may receive a six-month premium credit.

Perhaps you were put on hold too long or a customer service representative was rude to you on the phone…you too may receive a six-month premium credit.

Here are the “steps” of the Allstate Claim Satisfaction Guarantee program:

1. You’re an Allstate customer.
2. You have a car accident and file a claim with Allstate.
3. They pay your claim, but you’re not happy.
4. You send a letter explaining why.
5. Allstate gives you up to a six-month credit on your premium.

*Customers who qualify for this program must notify Allstate in writing within 180 days of their incident to express that they are dissatisfied with any aspect of their claim experience in order to receive the credit.

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Tip: Allstate offers a six-month credit for the premium charged for the vehicle listed on the policy.

If the vehicle in question was not listed on the policy at the time of the accident, you will receive a credit equal to the premium for the vehicle with the lowest premium amount listed on the policy.

Basically, you will not get an entire six-month premium credit if you have more than one car on your policy.

If you have two cars that each cost $500 per policy term ($1,000 total per term), the most you will receive in the form of a credit is the $500 for one vehicle.

Additionally, you are only able to receive one “credit” per policy term. Regardless of how many cars you have on your auto policy, you only get one credit.

Too Good to be True?

The offer from Allstate is pretty cut-and-dry. There are some terms and conditions, but rest assured that TTAI has read through all of the available information for you. We don’t see any glaring “holes” in the program.

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Of course, if Allstate has been overcharging you hundreds of dollars annually for several years, you do not necessarily win here.

It is highly recommended you obtain insurance quotes online and/or through an independent insurance agent to ensure you are not overpaying for your coverage…regardless of how many bells and whistles are thrown at you.

Allstate is a public corporation. Their highest loyalty is to their stockholders in the form of increased share value.

Don’t let their multi-million dollar advertising budget convince you otherwise.

If Allstate thought for one second this new program would cost them more money that it brought in (in the form of continued sales), it wouldn’t have happened.

It would be nice to see a homeowner’s insurance version of this guarantee, as Allstate has had some legal trouble in more than one state with regard to their practices of late.

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