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Why Is Car Insurance Cheaper for Women?

September 27, 2009 No Comments »

Insurance Q&A: “Why is car insurance cheaper for women?” Before we get started, it’s important to point out that car insurance is not always cheaper for women than men.  There are many factors involved in how car insurance rates are ... Read More »

Higher Insurance Premiums for Social Media Users?

September 21, 2009 No Comments »

File this under bizarre:  If you or your children use a social media network such as Facebook or Twitter, your homeowners insurance premium could rise, according to the The Digital Criminal report. The survey, conducted by UK insurance firm Legal ... Read More »

Why is Car Insurance So High for Teenagers?

September 20, 2009 No Comments »

Insurance Q&A: “Why is car insurance so high for teenagers?” The answer becomes abundantly clear when we consider that insurance is a business.  Insurance companies are out to earn money. The business model is simple.  Collect small, calculated amounts of ... Read More »

Do Insurance Quotes Affect Your Credit Score?

August 25, 2009 No Comments »

Is Car Insurance a Hard Inquiry? Insurance Q&A: “Do insurance quotes affect your credit score?” The current economic environment, along with the daily reminders we get about the importance of our credit score, has us all wondering if shopping for ... Read More »

Is Car Insurance Tax Deductible?

July 30, 2009 No Comments »

A common question folks ask is “if car insurance is tax deductible?”  The answer is simple; yes and no. Of course, it really depends on the type of car insurance you’re referring to.  When it comes to personal auto insurance, ... Read More »

Good Student Discount

July 1, 2009 1 Comment »

Good Students Can Save on Car Insurance We all know it pays to get good grades in school, but did you know it can also lower your auto insurance premium? Yep, it’s true. Read on to learn more about this ... Read More »

Good Driver Discount

June 29, 2009 No Comments »

If you currently have an auto insurance policy, make sure you’re getting the good driver discount (assuming you’re a good driver). The “Good Driver discount” will save you a substantial amount of money (typically 20%) over the course of the ... Read More »

Least Expensive Cars to Insure

June 15, 2009 No Comments »

We’ve looked at the most expensive cars to insure, so it’d only be natural to look at the “least expensive cars to insure” as well. As expected, most cars that made this list are cheap to buy or lease, and ... Read More »

Most Expensive Cars to Insure

June 12, 2009 No Comments »

A big chunk of your auto insurance premium is determined by what kind of car you drive, so we thought it’d be prudent to look at the “most expensive cars to insure.” The geniuses at Forbes once again came up ... Read More »

California May Outlaw Gender Pricing for Health Insurance

May 21, 2009 No Comments »

Unknown to many, women are often charged more for health insurance than men, as they generally use more health care services in a given year. However, the gap in usage versus price seems to be a bit out of whack, ... Read More »