Texting Isn’t the Biggest Distraction While Driving

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Even though talking on cell phones and text messaging while driving have become lightening rods for legislation, other more traditional distractions are apparently more significant issues.

A survey of 3,000 drivers conducted by car leasing company Leasetrader.com found that texting while driving was very low on a long list of other, seemingly more dangerous distractions.

For male drivers, road rage frustration ranked number one in the danger department with 18.3% of respondents, followed by eating/drinking at 14.7%, and checking out other drivers at 10.9%.

Meanwhile, text messaging while driving was the top distraction for just 7.6% of males, less so than other passengers’ conversations (9.5%) and reading the paper (9.3%).

For women, kids in the car was the top distraction, with 26.3% of respondents ranking it number one, followed by putting on makeup at 16.6%, and messing with the radio at 10.4%.

Only 4.2% of women felt texting while driving was the most dangerous distraction, less so than driving in inclement weather or eating and drinking while driving.

So there you have it; whether it’s true or not, drivers don’t seem to think text messaging while driving is in the issue, though they could be wrong.

The survey also points out some interesting differences between male and female driving behavior.

Patterns like these determine how car insurance rates are determined, and explain why car insurance is cheaper for women (the lack of road rage is a biggie).

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