Flo and the Geico Gecko Most Recognized Insurance Mascots

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If you own a television, you’re probably well aware that the bulk of commercials plastered in front of your eyeballs have something to do with insurance, namely car insurance.

This has to do with the fact that we’re in a soft insurance market, meaning insurance companies are raking in profits and feel comfortable writing more insurance.

It’s also why insurance companies are able to save drivers so much if they switch, because insurance premiums are low at the moment (15 minutes could save you 15%, Progressive Name Your Price).

All that said, some insurance companies are faring better than others in the ad world, despite the overall frequency.

A recent Lightspeed Research study carried out for Advertising Age found that Progressive’s Flo and the Geico gecko were the most recognized insurance mascots, with nearly all respondents able to match the characters with their associated companies.

The Geico gecko actually took top honors, followed by Flo at a 92% clip – Allstate’s Mayhem was the third most recognizable mascot, though just more than half knew it was an Allstate commercial.

And of the 11 insurance companies included, only four (Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and State Farm) were recognized by at least half of the respondents, which makes you wonder if the ads are merely entertaining folks.

All the money being spent on the ads should also make you think twice about whether you’re actually getting a good deal with the major players.

That said, be sure to shop around for insurance quotes online and also contact an independent insurance agent to ensure you get the most complete coverage at the lowest price.

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