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Who Is Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

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So you’ve got homeowners insurance, and now you’re probably wondering who or what is actually covered?

Good question, and the answer is probably more people than you would think.

A homeowners insurance policy can be thought of as insurance for you and your home, as it insures your home against property damage, and you and your family against liability for injury.

Think of it this way.  If you injure someone while driving your car, your auto insurance will protect you against the liability that arises out of that event and the damage to the property.

If someone is injured while on your property, your homeowners insurance will protect you.

Unless you own a business, not operated out of your home (for which you can purchase additional insurance on your homeowners policy), there are virtually no other locations or circumstances where you can be liable for injury to another person.

For example, if you were in a restaurant and spilled hot coffee on another person, the restaurant would be held liable in the event of a claim and judgment, not you.

Therefore, it protects a variety of people who currently live in your home or are in “your care,” but don’t live at the home.

Here are some examples:

• Named Insured – policy holder, often referred to as “you,” in the policy
• Named Insured’s spouse – whether listed on the policy or not
• Any children living in the home (under age 21)
• Full-time students, under 21, who resided in your home just prior to leaving for school
– Take note, if you have a student in college over the age of 21, he/she is not covered under your homeowners insurance policy
• Relatives currently living in your home

Is that true?

We’ve all heard stories of burglars breaking into homes and either hurting themselves in the process or being injured by the homeowner, who then sue and receive damages (money) from the homeowners insurance policy.

Unfortunately, this type of thing is true, and can and has happened.

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