USAA Car Insurance Discounts

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USAA Car Insurance Discounts

Discounts rule the roost these days when it comes to insurance advertising. And USAA is no different than the other guys. They want you to get a discount or three on your policy.

Ultimately, insurers are playing on the fact that the average person doesn’t understand how car insurance rates are determined and advertises accordingly.

You see, not all insurers charge the same for their car insurance. In fact, some companies charge twice what others do.

So what’s the best way to hide that fact? Simply tell the general public that they’re getting discounts out the wazoo and hope they don’t shop around as a result.

After all, if you’re getting a discount, you must be getting a deal, right? Well, you know where we stand on that…

Tip: Always do the math. An insurance policy that costs $1,000 per year after 50% worth of discounts still costs more than a $900 policy with ABSOLUTELY NO DISCOUNTS!

All that being said, let’s look at the car insurance discounts offered by USAA. Keep in mind that every state is different, and this post may not include every possible discount. These discounts are also subject to change over time.

USAA Auto Insurance Discounts

  • USAA offers a variety of car insurance discounts
  • Including the typical safe driver stuff
  • Along with special discounts for military members
  • And even a family discount if your parents used them

Safe Driver Discount – you can (and should) expect a discount for having a clean MVR and C.L.U.E. report for 5 years.

Defensive Driving Class Discount – Be wary of this one. There are “restrictions” to it, which typically means it only works for the very young and elderly drivers.

Driver Training Discount – If you are under 21, complete the driver training course and get the discount.

Military Discount – This (up to 15%) discount usually only applies to vehicles owned by soldiers on deployment and usually only to the comprehensive coverage portion of your premium, and in some cases collision coverage. It may also require you to garage your vehicle on base.

[Collision vs. comprehensive coverage]

Loyal Member Discount – Continue to pay for car insurance with USAA no matter how much cheaper you can find coverage somewhere else, i.e. don’t shop around, and you will be rewarded with a discount (note the sarcasm).

Multiple Products Discount – Add your home, renters, life and or health insurance coverage to USAA and save a little extra. This is known as bundling.

Family Discount – If you blindly buy insurance from USAA and your parents have done so before you; get a discount of up to 10%. You must be under 25, have been on your parents policy for three years and have a clean driving record to get this one.

We guess the whole, “My parents earned the right to pay USAA for insurance” thing only works if they are fairly certain you won’t have any insurance claims

New Vehicle Discount – Look for a discount if your vehicle is three years old or newer. Restrictions apply.

Annual Mileage Discount – Lower mileage equals a lower insurance premium…if you are over 29 years old. Restrictions apply.

Multiple Vehicle Discount – Owning two or more vehicles will lower your premium. Restrictions apply.

Stored Vehicle Discount – Earn a discount of up to 60% if your vehicle is stored in a “secured location,” not driven at all. Basically, you get a discount on coverage for a virtual guarantee that you will not have a claim.

Good Student Discount – A “B” average from your preceding semester will likely earn you this discount (do insurers check grades?).

A lot of these discounts aren’t available in Hawaii, North Carolina, and New York state.

Final Word

  • While we were a little more playful than usual with USAA
  • The same principles apply per usual
  • Discounts are nice, but a lower overall price is much, much better
  • Shop around to ensure you get the best deal on your car insurance coverage

As always, don’t forget to ask about the restrictions on these discounts when speaking with your USAA representative. Not all discounts are available in all locations, and are subject to change.

Also be sure to shop online for insurance quotes from multiple insurers if your goal is to get the lowest premium for the coverage you need. That final price is what matters.

We here at TTAI aim to do the research for you and let you make an informed decision about your insurance needs. While there are thousands of car insurers in the United States, we try to tackle the big ones.

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P.S. Let us know if we missed any USAA car insurance discounts!

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