Top 10 Workers Compensation Insurance Companies in Texas

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If you’re currently looking for a workers’ compensation insurance company in Texas, you may be wondering who the top players are.

Fortunately, such information is compiled and delivered by the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas.

Just keep in mind that biggest isn’t always best, and that insurance company ratings vary amongst the largest insurance companies.

Again, these companies aren’t necessarily the top rated, just the most frequently used.

That said, let’s take a look at the list of the top workers’ compensation insurance companies in Texas, based on written insurance premium.

workers comp top 10

As you can see, Texas Mutual was the top workers’ compensation provider in Texas by a landslide in 2009 (the most recent data available), which isn’t much different than 2008, according to the IIAT Special Report.

Texas Mutual grabbed 29.1% market share with $634.4 million in written premium, followed by Liberty Mutual, who snagged 10.9% market share with $238.1 million in written premium.

Heavy-hitter AIG claimed the third spot with 8.2% market share and $178.5 million in written premium, followed closely by The Travelers, with 7.8% market share and $169.9 million in written premium.

Rounding out the top five was The Hartford, with 7.4% market share and $160.9 million in written premium; just slightly below Travelers.

A number of other notables were in the top 20, including Zurich, CNA, Chubb, Old Republic, and Employers.

Unlike the results for commercial auto insurance providers in Texas, workers’ compensation insurance is more profitable than the U.S. national average.

If you’re in need of workers’ compensation insurance, or simply want to be certain you’re getting a good deal on your current policy, contact a local independent insurance agent for multiple quotes.

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