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Progressive Snapshot is the latest program to be unleashed from the insurance juggernaut’s formidable discount arsenal. Of course, this is much more than a typical discount, it’s a physical device you install in your car that may lead to discounts.

So let’s get to the nuts-and-bolts of how this new product may save you money on your auto insurance (or not).

Progressive’s Pitch with Snapshot

According to, Snapshot, formerly known as the Pay As You Drive® (PAYD) program, is a type of usage-based insurance.

Once enrolled, you can earn a personalized car insurance discount, known as your “Snapshot Discount,” by driving less, in safer ways, and during safer times of the day.

You can supposedly save up to 30 percent on your insurance premiums via the program, making it their “biggest discount ever!”

But there’s no guarantee you’ll qualify for that mega discount.

How Does Snapshot Work?

snapshot device

Progressive is able to track your driving habits by having you install a small device called a dongle (pictured at left) in your vehicle that ties into your car’s diagnostic port (“computer”).

The device works with vehicle model years 1996 and newer. If your vehicle does not have a diagnostic port, you’re out of luck. If it does, plug it in and look for a blinking light. That means it’s working.

Next, you drive as you normally would. The device creates a “snapshot” of your driving habits, thus the name…and the information is reviewed by Progressive to determine what level of discount, if any, you qualify for.

Typically, the first snapshot is taken after 30 days of driving, then finalized when your policy renews.

[Pay as You Go Car Insurance]

What Driving Habits Are In Question Here?

Thankfully, the device cannot measure how far off the ground all four tires go when you are jumping railroad tracks!

Progressive is looking at some very basic characteristics at this point.

Miles Driven: Prior to this technology, such information was based on the honor system. Progressive may be smart to question how many of their insured (and agents) may guess incorrectly!

Time of Day: What time of day you drive your car may determine your chances of getting into an accident. Rush hour: “Bad.”

Sudden Stops: Our guess is that people who make a lot of sudden stops have higher odds of running into the back of someone and filing an insurance claim. See distracted driving (29% do what behind the wheel?!). This also means your vehicle speed is tracked! If you stop suddenly, the Snapshot device might make a “beeping” sound to warn you of your “bad driving.”

What they calculate depends on the state you buy your policy in.

The Good and the (Potential) Bad of Snapshot

If you are a low mileage driver, who typically doesn’t commute during peak driving hours and pays attention to the road, you may save a boatload of money with Progressive Snapshot in place.

Remember, up to a 30 percent maximum discount is available (depending on what state you live in). But don’t expect your insurance premium to drop from $700 to $70 for the same term if you simply don’t drive your vehicle very often.

It doesn’t use GPS or track a vehicle’s location, nor does it track whether you’re exceeding the speed limit.

Depending on which state you live in, you may be subject to a $30 fee, referred to as the “technology expense.” Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Rhode Island and South Carolina…we’re talking to you.

This means you may not only miss the discounts based on your driving habits, but end up paying more for your policy due to the “Snapshot” technology in place.

Can My Rate Go Up If I Don’t Drive Like a Saint?

Let’s face it – this is the real question here. Is having a device in your car that tracks your driving habits by the second going to end up causing you more trouble than it’s worth?

If you live in Kansas or Rhode Island, your policy premium may increase by as much as nine percent as a result of your “snapshot,” so driver beware.

But note that you can cancel the program at any time and Progressive will stop using any driving information you shared with them previously.

Where Is Progressive Snapshot Available?

Currently, Progressive offers the program in every state except for California and North Carolina. It’s unclear why exactly those two states are excluded but probably too much red tape.

But be sure to contact Progressive directly to ensure availability, as it will probably change since this is a new program.

Update: Now you can try Progressive’s Snapshot on a free trial basis for 30 days. This way you don’t have to switch insurers and risk seeing your car insurance rates jump after the device reports your aggressive driving habits back to the Progressive mothership.

You simply install the device and it tracks your driving habits for a month, with no obligation. If you like the discount afforded, you get six months to decide if you want to switch.

During the trial, you’ll get updates to gauge your driving habits. Progressive even encourages drivers to determine who is the best in the house, presumably so you will drive as safely as possible to ensure their rates are the lowest available.

They even go as far as to recommend that you tell people about it on the social networks.

Of course, you have to wonder if the Snapshot device will lead to unnatural driving patterns, at least initially. This could rope in new drivers, who after becoming used to the presence of the device will go back to their wild ways.

This would obviously lead to higher premiums in the future once the road rage resurfaced.

Still, it looks as if Progressive is a trailblazer and is reshaping how car insurance will be determined going forward.

Introducing the Progressive Snapshot App!

progressive app

This just in – Progressive has released an “app” version of Snapshot for iPhones, which is free of charge.

Now, instead of having to commit to installing the Snapshot device in your vehicle, you can preview how Progressive views your driving habits, and also see how you stack up against others, such as friends and family.

The Snapshot app tracks and maps your driving, then spits out a driving score based on hard braking, rapid acceleration, and the amount of driving you do.

You can earn badges, score points, dissect your driving data and share your results with family and friends.

Even if you aren’t interested in the Snapshot device, this app could make you a safer driver.

The Progressive Snapshot Hack

In early 2015, it was rumored that hackers could control vehicles with the Snapshot device installed. An Israeli security firm called Argus Cyber Security made the claims on a similar device.

And an American company by the name of Digital Bond Labs reportedly found “major problems” with Snapshot.

When reverse engineered, the company apparently was able to access a vehicle’s critical functions, such as steering, braking, and throttle. Clearly that would be a pretty scary thing if it fell into the wrong hands.

Of course, Progressive was quick to fire back that the researcher couldn’t actually control a vehicle and no evidence has been brought forward that anyone else could either.

Progressive also said they would investigate the matter because security is a top priority. It’s unclear what has been done since this issue was brought to light.

Additionally, there’s a hack on Reddit that apparently shows Snapshot users how to trick Progressive into thinking they’re super safe drivers to get the maximum discount.

Clearly this technology is still in its infancy, and with that comes a lot of potential headaches as the kinks are worked out.

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  1. Henry March 21, 2014 at 8:59 pm -

    Has anyone out there actually used this? Does it save you money? I’m a little paranoid about handing over my driving stats to an insurance company.

  2. shany April 8, 2014 at 6:10 am -

    I’ve been using it for five months now and it has worked great for me so far. i saved almost $200 on my six month policy. and i will find out what my premium will continue to be next month when they do the final calculation, which i’m confident will end up saving me a lot. Like it says it really only tracks, mileage, hard braking, and if you drive during “risky” hours.

  3. Rick Mikolasek April 9, 2014 at 9:34 am -

    It sounds like a great deal for those of us that drive safely, and perhaps less than the standard driver. It you keeps miles low and avoid high-risk habits, Snapshot might be worth a test. Just depends how cheap their policy is relative to OTHER insurers.

  4. Dan Caissie April 19, 2014 at 6:19 pm -

    The only thing that truly matters is hard brakes. I drive 600 miles a week and an hour of late night driving. I have had the 30% discount for 5 months. I have had 3 hard brakes that whole time. My wife drives 120 miles a week and no dangerous driving time, she averages 3.5 hard brakes a week. Her discount is 6%. It’s tough to get the max discount. You have to approach every stop light like it’s going to turn red.

  5. Jackie May 8, 2014 at 6:11 pm -

    I just installed Snapshot. Hope it saves me money!

    note to the author: Snapshot is available to Washington drivers.

  6. Brian Johnson May 9, 2014 at 7:14 am -

    I have had the snapshot device for 3 months. I have a 28% and 30% discount on my two vehicles. I have one hard brake on the 28% vehicle (full coverage) and a few on the 30% (liability only). I assume that it’s more difficult to get a higher discount on cars with full coverage. The policy has still been good for me. They even removed a couple of hard brakes for me when they happened inadvertently. The best part of it all is that Progessive offered the lowest auto insurance cost when I went comparing 3 months ago. I have a feeling that I’ll be with Progressive for a long time.

  7. Rick Mikolasek May 9, 2014 at 10:52 am -


    Thanks for sharing. Does it notify you when you brake too hard? And is there a clear definition of hard braking? How did they happen inadvertently?

  8. Rick Mikolasek May 9, 2014 at 10:54 am -

    Thanks for the update Jackie, come back and let us know how it goes for you!

  9. Duhbrat May 28, 2014 at 12:04 pm -

    In short: Flo is the DEVIL!

    Just kidding. Here is my experience in a nutshell. I tried the Snapshot discount program, quoted at a 30 % discount. When policy was written only received 22%. Took and act of congress and a threat to go to the insurance commissioner to get the rate I was promised.

    I am a safe driver, clean driving record and only drive 5000 miles per year due to working at home.

    Fast forward to ongoing snapshot. Rate dropped to 22% due to allowing my son to drive my car first Month. 16 hard stops over a period of three days. I expected the hit. The kicker is that this percentage never increased over the remaining 4.75 months. With no hard stops, no high risk driving times and no excessive mileage. It is not uncommon for my car not to be driven for more than a week.

    Fast forward to renewal. With all considerations above, and the 22% discount! my rate increased by almost 50%. Yes I said 50! From 50.00 a month to 74.00.

    Contacting progressive resulted I’m the same BS ‘reevaluated rates in your state.’ I read that this was common practice with this company and was warned by my State Farm agent when I made the switch. Of course thinking it was all sour grapes I was stupid enough to participate and got screwed over like the majority.

    I did contact our insurance commissioner and I just happen to live in a state where insurance companies can do what they will. Here’s the kicker, when I told the representative, who the company was, she said she was not surprised and that this is common practice for them.

    That being said I guess my next stop will be the consumer protection agency as the lure of the snapshot discount sounds like the old bait and switch.

    This may be an old thread but people… Be WARNED. I was too stupid to read the writing on the wall. Especially when they tried to screw me out of the original discounted that had already been quoted.

  10. Tara October 1, 2014 at 8:44 am -

    So I have been one of the “lucky” people to try the snapshot. I had it in my car from may until now (oct 14)- and I didn’t receive a discount. I live in the big city (Houston) and there is traffic everywhere. When you hardly break it will beep, indicating that you “slammed” on your breaks when it isn’t even a slam. So stupid. So because of this reason I did not receive a discount. If you live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have crazy traffic maybe this will work for you. I live in a big city where people will pull out in front of you at any given moment. I am a great driver and I didn’t get a discount- It was stupid in my honest opinion and very pointless unless you drive like grannie or gramps.

  11. Rick Mikolasek October 1, 2014 at 9:07 am -

    Thanks for the insight Tara. Guess it’s a little more sensitive than Progressive lets on.

  12. Nusko October 11, 2014 at 7:32 am -

    I had snapshot for few months and I have to drive to work only 3 miles, I had no accident or anything pertain to insurance, and I did not receive discount on the renewal. Its just a scam for me.

  13. Melissa October 12, 2014 at 12:20 pm -

    I think the hard brakes are ridiculous. It causes me to run red lights so it doesn’t beep on me.

  14. Pam October 23, 2014 at 2:34 pm -

    I feel like running red lights or curse at the yellow lights because if I start breaking at a yellow light, it will beep. As soon as I plugged it in, I was driving 15mph and stopped at a stop sign to turn and it beeped. I just got my stats and it says I was driving 90-95 mph a few times in the past month and the fastest I EVER drive is 70 on the freeway (I don’t even think my car can go that fast). I’m taking it out today to return it.

  15. Jaye November 25, 2014 at 9:42 am -

    This thing is way too sensitive. It’s as if you are driving with bad brakes because if you use them the way they were intended to use them, it’s beeping. You are creeping around driving, have to slowly start braking halfway down the block because you never know if the light is going to change. You can be doing the speed limit and if the light catches you…you either better speed up and try to get through before it turns red or you will hear beeping. I have a brand new car and I feel like I have bad brakes because I never get to use them. Just a little tap to slow down, then coast, then tap again. It really is kind of stupid.

  16. Debbie December 9, 2014 at 1:57 pm -

    I had my snapshot for a few days and it kept going off when I was parked or when I closed the trunk of my car. I sent it back and they gave me a new one which I only had 2 weeks and they asked for it back. I only got a 19% discount and very seldom drive my car. They never even activated my new device. I am very dissatisfied with the Snapshot program.

  17. Chad December 31, 2014 at 10:17 am -

    SnapShot is a pretty horrible program. I just spent the past few days posting negative feedback on their Facebook page expressing how poorly this program is and a representative contacted me!

    Basically, if you live anywhere with high traffic, higher speeds, and traffic lights you will likely not get a discount. The area where my wife and I live has roads with speed limits between 40-55mph with traffic lights everywhere. If we started to gradually brake when the light turned yellow it would always beep. I guess Progressive wants you to run yellow lights!

    Several of my friends are in the program and have had mixed experiences. One of my friends is an aggressive driver and her device never beeped once (I’m assuming it wasn’t working because she is terrifying to ride with). Another friends’ device wouldn’t work and since it wouldn’t work Progressive automatically gave him an 18% discount. And yet another friend who drives like a grandpa had his beep non stop and he received an 8% discount.

    Avoid this program like the plague. I actually may consider switching to another company because this experience has left a sour taste in my mouth.

  18. Sandy February 26, 2015 at 7:10 pm -

    I unfortunately signed up for “Snapshot” before reading the reviews. Do yourself a favor and RUN from this evil gadget. Unless you confine your driving to vacant parking lots or empty tracks, you are doomed for failure. This contraption is simply an invasion of your privacy that is being portrayed as a means to improve safe driving but is really just another way to rake in even more money by the company. If you drive on any street, highway, thoroughfare or interstate or any roadway that has traffic and/or traffic lights, there is no way to “pass” the unrealistic standards they require. And once you do not live up to their unreasonable requirements, you pay the price. Not a minute is wasted. You will see a 10-20% increase in your very next premium. What a SCAM!!!!

  19. Kalyan April 25, 2015 at 10:36 am -

    I have used this for past 6 months. The truth is that they have increased my premium and I got 28% ($220) discount (30% max). Finally, I just saved less than 70 which should have been @ $220

  20. Lucy May 30, 2015 at 4:12 pm -

    I just been on snapshot for almost a month and the only time I heard it beep is when I start my car so does that mean I’m being penalized just for starting it.

  21. Karrie Arzanastsev June 16, 2015 at 8:02 am -

    I don’t know Lucy I was just wondering the same thing after reading a few posts. Mine beeps about 10 seconds after I start my car too. It did beep once when I stopped a little harder than usual but I would hardly call that a “brake slam.” !!! I didn’t realize it measures how fast you accelerate.

  22. Jet August 7, 2015 at 6:38 am -

    This thing has caused my car to not start twice now in the month I’ve had it. Totally dead. AND….My 30 days was up yesterday. ….did I get 30% discount? No….20%? NO! 10%? NO!!! 6%!!!!!!! Im a safe driver and have never had an accident in my life! Drive very little and never after 8 pm!!!! Im ripping this sucker out and sending it back.

  23. Ruth August 19, 2015 at 8:58 pm -

    Lucy, as for your device beeping once when you start your car, that is what it is supposed to do to let you know it is working. They told me it would beep 3 times if I “hard braked” I am lucky because I live in a rural area near a small town. The road I go to the grocery store on has all stop signs and I like that better because you can cruise to a stop. I had a similar device with another company several years ago and got the maximum discount. But you don’t get the discount until your next payment is due. I just installed the one from Progressive three days ago, so it remains to be seen how it works out.

  24. Joe August 28, 2015 at 2:19 pm -

    I just got off the phone with Progressive regarding the Snapshot. Well in my opinion you have a better shot a getting a discount by driving a hover round. I’ve only had this device for ten days,registered 16 hard stops….sorry not possible!!!
    I drive slower than most anyone and drove, during this initial period, approximately 22 miles per day. I am one who has my foot off the gas way before hitting a traffic light or stop sign and gradually apply brake pressure. Today I was already stopped at a light and the unit beeped. Hard braking is noted by stopping 7.5 mph within a ten foot distance. As a result of the noted traffic light situation,twice at the very same light I did in fact have to hit my brakes harder than normal as the light goes from green and directly to red….yes sir no yellow. So, do I blow the light, risk a ticket, get a rate hike for the summons or drive a bicycle instead. I personally watch my speed odometer more than most for sure and 16 hard brakes is by far a reality. I’m almost at a slight roll before actually stopping. Heck once you’re driving,without depressing the gas pedal, most cars are doing between 10 and 15 mph on a roll.
    The chance of getting a discount is at best nominal, so I am awed by those receiving the huge discounts noted. I’ll wait for the 30 days, acquire my results and then go shopping for another company.
    The results are without doubt more than questionable. I would not recommend this program to my worst enemy!!!
    Horrible,horrible program….do not get involved.

  25. gary October 12, 2015 at 3:32 pm -

    Wake up people! Insurance company’s are not in the business of saving people money. If you fall for this thinking you have something to gain, you better think again.

  26. mike mcnamara November 15, 2015 at 3:54 pm -

    I just finished my snapshot and they asked me to send it back. I got full 30% savings. I live in small town and drive pretty easy. one night my wife went to our hospital she is fine but they wanted to take her 60 miles to Wichita heart hospital by ems. she asked me to be there.I DID not know the way so I followed the ambulance 100mph and got 6 hard brakes. only 1 other hard brake the 8 months it was in my car.

    Progressive has been good to me. if you drive normal and not a lot of miles its well worth a try I think if I was in a big city it would be hard to get 30% savings but it don’t hurt to try nothing will go up if you don’t do well.

  27. Juan November 25, 2015 at 10:32 am -

    It is terrible. It will penalized you when you stop for yellow lights. I am so mad at it that I will be moving out from progressive in my next renewal.

  28. Dayna January 21, 2016 at 9:25 am -

    If people use it no matter how bad of a driver you are your rate will not go up. They said I drove really well and only had a few hard breaks and after my first 30 days I thought i would get a bigger discount than I did, and I only got 6% taken off. I am hesitant to do the rest of the 5 months because because I don’t like getting all upset over a hard break, but since it won’t hurt my rate me being in FL I guess I will just keep it!!!

  29. Chloe February 28, 2016 at 9:33 pm -

    I got 30% on my policy because I never drove my car anywhere. Just drove it around once or twice the for the first 2 months or so, after that, I didn’t bother cause there was snow on the ground and I didn’t wanna take the risk, so I just left my car sitting in the garage for 4 months. Just got the email from them telling me it’s time to unplug my Snapshot device and send it back.

  30. Brian Levine February 29, 2016 at 11:16 am -

    Since I commute to work during normal rush hour traffic, I did not get a discount. My wife barely drives, but since she and her car are on the same policy, I did not get a discount for her.

    Like so many things about insurance, the discount is basically only available if you don’t really use your car. Thanks a lot, Flo.

  31. Jenn J March 9, 2016 at 12:54 pm -

    Has anyone changed their mind and sent it back? That’s what I’m thinking about but I’m not sure what my best bet is.

  32. Thelma March 20, 2016 at 10:54 am -

    Here not feeling good about the negative reviews on the Progressive Snapshot. I received mine over the weekend and will plug it in this afternoon. I could not survive a hype in payments so to be honest I am already sweating salted bullets.

  33. darlene May 17, 2016 at 12:29 pm -

    I have had it in my vehicles for 2 months and I hate it.
    it isn’t accurate at all
    registers same days and others not and I take same path every day
    registers hard breaks and I don’t even touch the break, it beeps so you know it reported a hard break
    I find that I run yellow lights to not hard break to stop
    I find my self not wanting to use the breaks when a car pulls out in front of me…do want the bad mark.
    Currently I have a B+ rating and have no idea what that means
    I wish I would not have done it.

  34. Shirley June 25, 2016 at 8:31 pm -

    Another lie from insurance companies that try to control you they want to separate good drivers from bad and they let you try for 3 months to give you discounts all lies because they want to know how many miles you drive how you brake how you accelerate the car, after I used to for 3 months they send me an email for 15% discount and a month later my policy was renew with an increase I mentioned the discount and they said it was only applied to the collision of my coverage so there is not discount at all its all a lie.

  35. Randy July 28, 2016 at 3:31 am -

    The snapshot is a total fraud. After 40 years of ticketless, accident free driving both my wife and I were rated poor drivers by snapshot parameters. Although it measures acceleration, driving times, etc. the real culprit is the Stopping rate. No real world driver can pass that, and neither did we.

    In congestion if you leave enough room to prevent the alarm from sounding, you get cut off and beep-beep. If you drive on roads with speed limits more than 30 mph you either must blow through yellow lights or get penalized for stopping.

    The entire paradigm is a fraud. Unless Progressive releases the program stats of how many drivers actually pass I suspect they will continue to fraudulently promise savings which can’t be achieved.

  36. Victoria November 3, 2016 at 8:32 am -

    I think Progressive is turning out to be a horrible insurance company. I participated in Snapshot with both of my vehicles. I was luckily able to receive the full discount on both which was great at the time. After all that hard work I was glad it was over. The discounted rates however were short lived. I got my next policy renewal and the cost magically went up for no reason. I spoke with two different people at the company and they explained it was due to them needing more money to run their business. No other insurance company has EVER done this to me or anyone else I talked to before. I have plans to start getting new quotes and no longer giving them my business. I would not recommend snapshot to anyone else, because it is not worth all the stress when they will just slowly raise your rates up each time renewal time comes around.
    Good luck to everyone else trying to deal with them.

  37. Suz January 10, 2017 at 11:13 am -

    I used the snapshot program. I had the device installed for 6 months. I saved quite a bit, but the following month my insurance went right back up to what it was before. You have to use this device constantly to keep the rate low. Kind of dishonest I think.

  38. Bill January 10, 2017 at 11:21 am -

    I received an email saying I would get a $165.00 discount on my renewal. At renewal time my rate was $197.00 high the it was 6 months earlier. I got a 27% discount great, but my fee went up 37%.

  39. Twanna January 11, 2017 at 8:36 am -

    Progressive has got to do better. This snapshot is nothing more than a fraud. After basically running red lights and driving like I’m 90 years old, my discount was short live. I received my renewal policy and it had increased more than discount % amount I had gotten from snapshot. I have returned both devices along with a letter of complaint.
    I do not recommend the snapshot.

  40. Charles January 27, 2017 at 1:27 pm -

    I got a grade of an A on my report and received an offer of a nice discount. When my local agent offered to renew my policy, my rate went up…more than my snapshot discount! So then the agent re-wrote my policy at a lower rate…promising this next renewal it would get the discount. Calling Progressive today, they tell me the discount does not carry between policies, even with the same driver and car!

    I think Snapshot is a scam. Progressive and their agents can weasel out of discounts too many ways.

    Dumping them both for another provider.

  41. Clay February 5, 2017 at 7:13 pm -

    I’ve not seen anyone else write about this, but since installing my Snapshot device a month ago in my ’06 Toyota Camry I’ve started having weird, and “never before”, warning lights going on. For example, I’ll pull out of my driveway, then notice the “ABS” light blinking. So, I stop, put it in park, turn it off, open the door and then close it, restart, and the light is gone! Also having problems with intermittent “Maintenance Required” lights. As I said, I’ve NEVER had either of these lights lite up in the seven years I’ve owned this vehicle. Kind of makes me a little nervous that this little device might screw up my entire electrical system.

  42. Angela March 2, 2017 at 8:27 pm -

    This devise I plugged into my car is just WAY TO SENSITIVE…you cannot yield at yield signs….BEEP….okay…ummmmm….. I thought I was suppose to yield at yield signs….I guess just don’t YEILD at all…. just run through it….regardless if cars are coming or not…BEEP….. You cannot break at yellow lights, BEEP ..I guess just fly threw them too…..also I guess if someone pulls out in front of you and you HAVE NO OTHER OPTION TO BREAK……. BEEP BEEP …This is everyday NORMAL driving conditions….!! I work from home so this is just going to grocery store, picking up grandkids from school…and driving granny to her doctors appts. …..BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!! You CAN NOT BE Cautious AT ALL with this device its programmed to make you fail. I only drive 50 miles a week sometimes less and it has BEEPED 10 times IN A MONTH!! THESE are not HARD stops they are normal breaking everybody does!! I’m afraid to even pull out of my drive way which has a slope and I need to apply pressure to the break to get onto the street to leave my subdivision…BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP…. I have yield signs to get out of my Subdivision…its ridiculous even granny was laughing!!!! UGH!! This thing is OFF my car tonight…

  43. Leon May 3, 2017 at 8:40 am -

    I was so excited to start this snap shot program at the start of the year. I figured I’d be saving a little bit of of money by signing up for this program. I started the snapshot and supposedly received 15% initial discount. I left the snapshot in for 6 months and at the end received another 13% off for my next 6 month policy. By the way I tried very hard to be a safe driver and not stop short or go over 50 miles a day or drive between the hours of 12-4 am. You have to drive damn near perfect to get the total 30% off. At the end of the 6 months I looked at my progressive app and it showed I saved a total of $240.00 on my next policy. When something seems to good to be true trust me it is.
    I called up progressive to see how much I would have to pay for my next policy and they told me $3019.00 for 2 cars on the policy. I was shocked because they couldn’t give me a reason why my policy went up $190.00 dollars a month over a 6 month period. Their excuse was that “our rates went up across the board in NYS”which is complete BS. So I would advise people that are looking into this program to not even waste your time. Because at the end of the day they are going to charge you whatever they want. It’s not worth the headache of changing the way you drive just to save on a discount that’s not really a discount. I ended up switching to geico which of course saved me more than 15% on my insurance. Good luck to you all looking to start this program ?

  44. A Brown May 10, 2017 at 4:58 am -

    I tried Snap shot and after using it for a few months I received my renewal notice today from Progressive and my new policy has increased by $90 for the next 6 months. That is $180 per year increase. And I am an easy driver. I have no tickets or accidents for 25 years. Snap Shot is a bait and switch……..I did it thinking it would notice my good driving and I’d save money. That is what Progressive wanted me to think, in my opinion. But the fact is a dramatic increase in rate. It is difficult to keep the thing from beeping as just a little too much pressure on the brake sets it off and gives you a bad report. It is waste of time and does not reflect good driving. It actually creates bad driving habits because if a traffic light turns yellow the inclination is to hit the gas rather than the brake because hitting the brake will give you a bad report. I found myself wanting to run through a lot of yellow lights avoiding braking. Not good.

  45. Mike July 23, 2017 at 4:13 pm -

    I too find the Snapshot hyper-sensitive to stops. Progressive states that
    the device beeps when the rate of deceleration is greater than 7mph/sec or greater. The Hard Stops I’ve had have come near the end of a normal stop. No problem except Snapshot senses that this is a bad hard brake. It’s made me learn to let my vehicle actually roll a bit further as to no get that Hard Brake in the last 10 feet of the stop.
    I feel that this device does lead a driver to run a yellow light.
    I tend to question the validity of the ‘Hard Brake’ as they operationally define it.
    Over all, I’m somewhat disappointed with this program.
    I’m already contemplating comparing rates with other companies before my policy period it up.

  46. Chou September 20, 2017 at 6:51 pm -

    The real truth is, anyone I know who uses progressive does not have snapshot. And after speaking to a rep from their company on the issue of why premiums are no longer decreased with an outstandingly clean record, this is what the person said, and I quote: “That’s just the way it is.” So what the heck happened to any incentive for driving safely other than “extremely low prices”?

  47. Staff September 23, 2017 at 9:36 pm -


    It sounds like more trouble than it is worth.

  48. Will B November 9, 2017 at 2:59 pm -

    I had the Progressive Snapshot installed for 6 months, returned it, and I was supposed to get around a $60 discount for the data collection on my next 6 mo. premium, but the discount does not show up in detail on my new premium, Progressive’s reps say it’s included in the total premium, and their rates supposedly went up this year in my state (not yet documented), but the math just doesn’t work out. The total premium actually went down, not up, but not enough to include the approx. $60 discount I’ve supposedly earned, not including loyalty, prepay, not using installments. I can do the math. They aren’t being honest and up front and there is no one who can do the math satisfactorily and answer my question. Where the hell is my discount?

  49. Casey W April 2, 2018 at 11:04 am -

    I just started using the Snapshot last week but after reading all of the comments, I will be exercising my 45 day opt-out option!!! Thanks everyone for your input.

  50. Gerry h June 13, 2018 at 1:10 pm -

    My wife and I have not had any accidents in 20 years so we are not careless or inexperienced drivers. The progressive Snapshot program is a scam and it is also unsafe. They have set the safe braking deceleration at 7 miles per second squared (7 m/s2). That deceleration rate is set too high. In my part of the country, we have many four-lane roads with short (25 feet long) exit lanes or no exit lanes at all. The speed limit is usually 55 miles per hour. If I decelerate at 7 m/s2 as Progressive advices, I will be hit by tailgaters. I need to decelerate faster than 7 m/s to get out of the way of the cars behind me.

    The same applies with stoplights. I always leave a space of several car lengths between my car and the car in front of me. When a car in front of me stops at a red lights, there is no way to decelerate at 7 m/s2 and not hit the car in front of me. I talked to a progressive technical representative and they don’t want to hear how unsafe the 7 m/s2 requirement is. It is just a scam to raise rates.

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