The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

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When it comes to getting good customer service in the insurance industry, the old expression, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” comes to mind.

Sure your car accident may have been life-threatening or extremely severe, but to insurance companies, it’s just another day in the office.

You have to understand that claim adjusters are dealing with much more work than they can truly handle, so if you sit back and don’t make any fuss, they’ll likely drop your case to the bottom of the proverbial pile.

Sure you might have concerns, but if you aren’t vocal about it, the adjuster may just assume you’re low priority and work solely with those “rude” customers who tend to scream.

Now you don’t necessarily need to be rude or raise your voice, but you do need to make it clear to your insurance company that you mean business and demand quality customer service.

To give you an example, after getting into a car accident myself, I worked patiently with my auto insurance company in an attempt to make the insurance claims process as painless as possible.

But my laid back approach actually came back to bite me, as it was month after month of the same “we’ll let you know” song and dance.

I finally decided to change my approach and demand satisfaction, whereby the adjuster sent me a check for some of my outstanding bills immediately.

My case was also subsequently “escalated,” so now I’m hoping to have the whole issue resolved in a matter of weeks.

Looking back, had I continued to take the complacent approach, I’d have less money in my pocket and a whole lot of frustration.

So speak up!

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