Protect Your Bubble iPhone Insurance Review

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Protect Your Bubble iPhone Insurance Review

Whether you’ve thought about it or not…it was just a matter of time before this type of insurance product flooded the market. Let’s face it; smart phones are taking over the world.

And despite the fact that most of us don’t have money in our budgets to purchase and operate these devices, we’re buying them anyway.

Enter “” This company is now offering some pretty comprehensive coverage for iPhones, tablets, and other types of smart phones.

Their advertising tells us we can pay about $7.99 per month to cover our “babies” against unforeseen incidents that keep us from Facebooking our relationship status while we’re driving.

On a side note, we may soon be able to demonstrate our proof of car insurance by using our iPhones.

What Coverage Does Offer?

These guys are serious about iPhone coverage. This is the real deal when it comes to covering your iPhone. So, what exactly are you getting for $96 per year?

Loss & Theft Coverage – this is a big deal, as most of their competitors do not offer this type of coverage. Most insurance policies consider “loss” of a piece of property to be a form of negligence, i.e. it’s your fault it’s gone, so don’t come crying to us!

Spills and Damage – Even the best of us have spilled our 100 oz. soda on our smart phone. It’s a fact of life. No problem here…you’re covered!

Next Day Phone Replacement – Let’s face it; if you’re willing to drop $500 on a phone, $100/month on service and an additional $100 for insurance…you’re can’t live without your phone. knows this and isn’t going to make you wait. They “get it.”

Mechanical Breakdown – Your phone stops working and you’re covered. It’s a good feeling.

Coverage Anywhere in the World – Most property insurance policies have restrictions based on where you’re at in the world. offers coverage with no geographic limitations.

Credit Monitoring – If TTAI’s smart phone is lost or stolen, we’re in trouble. Our whole life is on our phone. Nothing would make us safer than 3 months worth of credit monitoring after our phone is gone to reassure us that we aren’t the next identity theft victim.

Lock/Wipe/Locate – Read the fine print on this one, but if you “qualify” this is a pretty cool deal. Lock your phone, wipe all of your embarrassing “stuff” and locate your stolen device using this service. Talk about security, this is the top-of-the-line in that respect.

What’s the Catch?

Always trust TTAI to look at the whole picture and let you know about the fine print. Here are a few of the details that you will not hear about on the television commercials:

90-Day Registration – This coverage is only available to those who purchase coverage within 90 days of buying their phones.

The Deductible – There is a $120 non-refundable deductible associated with any covered claim. In insurance terms, this means that no matter what happens to your phone, if it costs less than $120 to “fix” your problem, don’t even bother to call these guys. Considering the fact that most of these phones are only valued at about $400 to begin with – you better have a SERIOUS problem or you’re not going to “win” with this policy.

Further, your “device” may be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished equipment – WITH A DIFFERENT MODEL THAN THE ORIGINAL – in the event of a covered claim.

That said, you might want to save your money and skip this insurance policy. The highlights make it sound like you’re going to get a new iPhone if “anything” happens to your current phone. This is clearly not the case after our review of the product.

Odds are you’ll likely lose coverage after you satisfy your deductible or wind up with a refurbished iPhone if yours is lost or destroyed. If you’re like us, it’s all about the newest and the best.

It’s NOT about paying nearly $100 per year, plus a $120 deductible to get a rebuilt phone if yours is destroyed. To recap, that’s about $220 per year (insurance premium + deductible) to get a rebuilt phone that costs less than half to purchase new…and is almost worthless after a year anyway.


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