Pay Your Insurance Bills with a Credit Card to Earn Lots of Miles and Points

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Pay Your Insurance Bills with a Credit Card to Earn Lots of Miles and Points

Here’s a little tip/reminder that you can usually pay all your insurance premiums with a credit card.

And as a result, you can earn points or miles depending on which card you use to make the payment.

This isn’t to say you should pay your insurance with a credit card because you can’t afford to write a check or pay cash.

It’s simply a means to boost your rewards with insurance purchases that tend to be quite large.

You Can Earn Thousands of Points by Paying Your Insurance

If you take a moment to think about it, we spend thousands of dollars annually on insurance, from car insurance premiums to home and health.

I know I pay nearly $300 a month for health insurance (which is an ongoing necessity), so throwing that on a rewards credit card gives me 300 points/miles each month. That’s 3,600 points annually right there.

Then there’s auto insurance, which can be paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

For most people, that’s another $1,500 to $2,000 each year, depending on your policy. If you’ve got teenagers to worry about, it’s even higher, potentially a lot higher.

Let’s not forget homeowner’s insurance, which adds another thousand or so annually in many cases.

Altogether, the aggregate premium can be quite expensive ($5,000 or more), and also quite lucrative if you charge it using a cash back or rewards card.

And don’t just think about the annual costs of insurance, consider the lifetime costs as well.

Did you know that the average American spends $84,388 on car insurance during their lifetime? That’s a lot of points or miles, especially if you’re using a credit card that gives you 2X points/miles on every purchase.

For the record, there are multiple credit cards that offer double points on ALL purchases, so you can rack up points in a hurry.

Additionally, points can be valued at more than one cent apiece if used for things like airline tickets and travel, so the value could be pretty significant.

How does a free first-class ticket to Europe sound, just for paying your insurance premiums?

You Can Meet Spending Requirements by Paying Your Insurance

Another good reason to charge your insurance premiums relates to credit card sign-up bonuses.

Say a certain credit card requires that you spend $3,000 in the first X amount of months of membership to get 50k bonus points (worth at least $500).

Instead of frivolously spending money to meet that requirement, or buying things you don’t need, paying your insurance could be a great way to reach that target.

As noted, insurance premiums can amount to thousands of dollars, so using plastic instead of cash is a good way to take a big bite out of that requirement.

But just to reiterate, this isn’t an invitation to swipe and not pay your credit card in full. If you don’t pay it off in full each month, you’ll be subject to finance charges that will essentially eclipse any savings from the points earned.

So be responsible when putting your insurance costs on plastic. If you can’t handle that responsibility, just send a check.

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