My Car Was Broken Into, Can I File a Claim?

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broken window

I get asked this question a lot as an insurance professional. The answer is yes, assuming you purchased the right type of coverage on your personal auto insurance policy.

But you might be surprised to find out exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

First things first – you must have purchased a full coverage policy, including comprehensive coverage, also know as “other than collision,” to file such an insurance claim.

If you did, you may be wondering what’s covered?

Any damage to your vehicle as a result of the break-in would be covered. This includes a broken window or lock, and any dents or dings suffered while the action took place.

Additionally, any equipment permanently attached to your vehicle or installed by the factory is covered. This would include the factory stereo or the airbag.

Airbags are a hot item for would-be car thieves, as they are sold to auto body shops for big bucks. Auto body shops reinstall them into cars where they have been deployed as a result of a collision.

Now on to the bad news…what isn’t covered. Many people assume any and all personal items left in the car are insured.

This is NOT accurate, as coverage for these items is often excluded. Your sunglasses, radar detector, and wallet/purse stuffed under the seat are not covered by your car insurance policy.

That is, unless you have a homeowner’s policy or a renters policy in place to cover your personal items. And even then, the auto insurance deductible for theft will likely be higher than what your claim would be, so you’re probably better off replacing those items out of your own pocket.

Do note that it’s possible to list additional equipment on some policies to include the cost of aftermarket items you may want covered in the event of a theft or even an accident.

Your insurance company may request pictures and receipts in order to certify the value. You will have to pay additional insurance premium to get these items covered, but it may be well worth it for those with expensive aftermarket add-ons.

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