What Is Guest Passenger Liability?

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“Guest Passenger Liability” is a type of motorcycle insurance coverage.

Unlike auto insurance, where everyone in the car is automatically covered by your liability insurance, passengers on the back of a motorcycle may not be.

Are the Passengers On Your Bike Covered?

As the name implies, Guest Passenger Liability insurance covers bodily injury suffered by guests on the back of your bike.

For the record, bodily injury is defined as bodily harm, sickness, or disease, including required care, loss of services or death that may result as a consequence of an accident you are liable, or at-fault”, for causing.

You certainly do not want to be on the hook financially if one of your passengers is injured as a result of your driving, so know before you go.

A simple review of your insurance policy may not be enough to determine whether or not you have this important coverage.

Even when mandatory in a particular state, some insurers may include it in your liability coverage, so it may not be individually listed on your policy declarations page, which is issued to you when you purchased or renewed your insurance policy.

Laws surrounding this coverage depend on the state in which you reside.

Contact your insurer, independent agent, or State Department of Insurance to determine the laws for your state before allowing a passenger on the back of your motorcycle.

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