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How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

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Insurance Q&A: “How much does life insurance cost?”

Obviously there is no exact answer to this question. Life insurance premiums can vary widely depending on a few key factors.

It is important to understand that life insurance companies make money by collecting insurance premiums and investing them in relatively secure investment vehicles.

The longer you live (and pay premiums) the more money an insurance company makes on your policy.

Here’s a quick example of a ten-year term life insurance policy for $100,000 to illustrate the concept:

You pay $50 per month for 10 years (and don’t die). Your insurance company would earn $6,000 in premium ($50 x 120 months), plus however much they can earn on the investment of those funds.

The insurance company would not have to pay out any money, they simply profit from the transaction when the policy ends.

You obtain the same policy above, but die six months into the policy; the insurer would only earn $300 in premium ($50 x 6 months).

Not only that, but they would have to pay out the $100,000 death benefit. As you can see, the expectation of the term life policy is that you don’t pass away while it is in-force.

So what are the key factors considered by life insurance companies when it comes to calculating your premium?

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Your Age Affects the Cost of Life Insurance

It’s simple math. The younger you are, all other things being equal, the less likely you are to die while a term life policy is in-force.

And the longer an insurance company can expect to collect premiums for any type of cash-value policy prior to paying out the death benefit…which is inevitable on the latter.

That said, the younger you are, the lower the premium you can expect to pay for a life insurance policy.

According to, “a healthy 40-year-old male who buys a 20-year level policy, which has a fixed annual premium, might pay $350 per year to secure a $500,000 death benefit.”

They go on to say that a healthy 50-year-old man who buys the same policy might pay $1,000 a year.

Death Benefit Key to Life Insurance Cost

How much money the life insurance company agrees to pay out in the event of your death is another prime factor in how much your premium will cost.

You will need to calculate how much life insurance you need before seeking life insurance quotes.

Again, all other factors the same, if you choose a $1,000,000 death benefit you can expect to pay quite a bit more than if you are seeking a policy with a benefit of just $50,000.

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Your Health Also a Huge Factor

This is another highly considered factor that goes into calculating your life insurance premium.

Clearly your health is a great indicator of the odds of your death, so you can expect to pay a lower premium if you’re healthy at the time your policy is issued.

This is why you may be subjected to a battery of health tests when you apply for a life insurance policy. The insurer is not simply willing to take your word that you are not experiencing health problems.

If you are in bad health, you may consider looking into guaranteed issue life insurance policies. But it is recommended you exhaust all other avenues prior to seeking this type of policy.

Obtain insurance quotes online or visit an independent insurance agent to start your life insurance policy search.

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