Can I Get Health Insurance for My Girlfriend?

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Obtaining healthcare coverage can be extremely costly for those not covered under an employer-sponsored program.

Even some employer programs are down right expensive these days, depending on the claims history and/or size of the company.

Typically, insurance premiums are higher in smaller companies or those unfortunate enough to have a bad claims history.

For these reasons, many individuals find themselves asking if they can purchase health insurance for a girlfriend or boyfriend.

But really, there are three potential questions here.

– Can I purchase healthcare coverage in the open market for my girlfriend or boyfriend?

First, if you are simply wondering if you’re able to purchase a health insurance policy for a girlfriend or boyfriend in the open market, the answer is “yes.”

In fact, you can purchase a policy for just about anyone.

You simply fill out a quote request with an independent agent or direct insurer, and if the person to be covered meets the underwriting guidelines of the company providing the quote, you can purchase the policy.

All you have to do is continue to make payments if you are the policyholder.

– Will my employer-sponsored program cover my (non-married) significant other?

But what most individuals really want to know is if an employer-sponsored program will insure their partner. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “no.”

Employer heath insurance plans require a couple to be married in order for the unwed significant other to qualify for the plan.

This is likely a mechanism designed to protect the insurance company from individuals attempting to obtain coverage for someone they simply know, which would make healthcare a virtual free for all.

– Can I get coverage under common law marriage, which is only recognized in some states.

When it comes to common law marriage, the answer is a vague “maybe.”

In some states, Texas for example, the courts recognize common law marriage based on people living together for certain time periods.

You may be considered to be common law married without filing any paperwork or entering into any sort of contract.

But if you are not contractually common law married, you have no rights if you move to another state.

If there is a contract involved, you have some rights as far as healthcare is considered.  As this is only an insurance website, I recommend consulting an attorney if you have questions regarding that specific situation.

If you do not meet the requirements for marriage, but want to obtain health insurance coverage for a significant other, you may want to contact an independent agent or getting quotes online to ensure you get the best coverage at the lowest possible rate.

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