Wisconsin Raises Minimum Liability Limits to National High

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Wisconsin is best known for the Packers, cheese and now…for joining the ranks of states with the highest mandatory minimum car insurance policies in the country.

So it may be a good time to get some online quotes to shop your rate; the new minimum liability requirement will become law January 1, 2010.

Insurance companies likely already began selling these limits for new policies and offering renewal policies (how to renew your car insurance), as it’s common practice for insurance companies to offer renewals 60 days in advance.

The new liability limits of 50/100/15 are slightly below those of Alaska and Maine, who currently require 50/100/25.

And you can expect the cost of your car insurance to increase if your current limits are below 50/100/15.

Pay close attention to your car insurance renewal after the January 1, 2010 cut-off.

It is possible your insurer will adjust your policy and not charge you for increased limits until your policy renews if it happens within a short time of the cut-off date, potentially up to 30 days.  Don’t expect a freebie however, as this is rare.

It is more likely your policy limits will automatically increase on January 1, 2010 and you will be charged a higher insurance premium accordingly.

Don’t bother calling your insurance company or independent agent to complain, as it’s simply state law.

So who’s to blame for your car insurance rates going up?  It depends who you ask.   Your legislators, who passed the bill, will tell you they are not at fault because they didn’t vote for an increase in insurance rates…just an increase in limits.  It’s the insurance companies that raise the rates.

The insurance companies will tell you they are selling a product and need to make a profit to stay in business.   If the government voted to force restaurants to serve bottled water versus tap water, you could probably expect to pay more for your dinner!  So that’s that…

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