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What Is a Business Owner’s Policy?

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A “Business Owner’s Policy,” also referred to as a “BOP,” is a package commercial insurance policy designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

A qualified insured may include any business that sells retail items, apartment buildings, and convenience stores, to name but a few.

Business Owner’s Policy Combines All Property and Liability Coverage

As mentioned above, your BOP will combine the necessary property and liability coverage to meet the unique needs of your small business, all while behaving similarly to a personal insurance policy with regard to billing and renewal procedures.

This means you can be billed monthly to your place of business and have the policy renew without dealing with the standard commercial insurance protocol, such as having someone inspect the property and the like.

The liability portion of a BOP is basically a Commercial General Liability policy.

It may cover your premises and operations, products and completed operations, personal and advertising injury, and medical payments to others.

What’s Include in a Business Owner’s Policy?

The property coverage in a BOP can be extensive. The best aspect of this coverage is that your property, including the building and the contents, is covered as All-risk, meaning you are insured against a number of perils, unless specifically excluded in the policy.

Additionally, loss of business income and extra expense coverage is automatically included in a BOP. This coverage would be necessary in the event you suffered a covered cause of loss.

A BOP will reimburse you financially until your operations are up and running again, including the extra expenses associated with getting you there.

For example, if your building burnt down and you needed to open at another location, you’d be compensated for the loss of income and the expense of operating at the other location.

These are considered indirect or time element losses.

Finally, there are also automatic extensions of coverage for things such as outdoor signs, data recovery, plants, trees, shrubs and valuable papers or records that may be destroyed by a covered loss.

You will also be covered for business property at a newly acquired location for a specified amount and period of time as well as inflation guard coverage, which automatically increases the amount of coverage by a specified amount each year.

This is done to ensure you do not have inadequate coverage as time goes on.

Remember, your policy may renew without any sort of inspection in some cases, which could potentially lead to being underinsured if your business expands and coverage didn’t automatically increase.

It is important to note that certain types of coverage, such as vandalism and theft, are suspended in the event your property becomes vacant.

The standard deductible on a BOP is $500, but may be increased if you so desire. A higher deductible may help you achieve a lower overall premium.

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