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The Top Six State Run Insurance Websites

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Maybe you didn’t know your state even had an insurance website? And that may say a lot about either your state’s website or your personal insurance I.Q.

But each state does indeed have a Department of Insurance that regulates all admitted carriers who are licensed to sell insurance within their borders.

States also host an insurance website that, in theory, provides insurance consumers with information about insurance companies and their products and ratings, as well as an outlet to express and file grievances against those companies should you need to.

Which States Are Best?

Drumroll…according to, who released a study of states’ insurance websites this week, there are six states that lead the country in providing access to this important data.

California, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, Texas and Utah came out on top. These elite state websites provide easy access to insurance premium comparisons and avenues for filing complaints in the event you feel you are the victim of fraud or simply want to file a complaint.

Note: While the premium comparisons on these sites are a great starting point for your shopping experience, take them with a grain of salt.

Nowadays, insurance pricing is highly complicated and is usually tied to your credit history, known as an insurance score, along with your driving history.

Your final rate may vary widely from what you see on the website once your driving history (MVR and C.L.U.E. report) are factored in.

States That Don’t Make the Grade

Basically, this is every other state besides the six listed above. Many states not only don’t allow for comparison shopping, but also have little or outdated information regarding complaints about insurance companies.

Also, the lower ranked sites may not offer you an avenue to file complaints or fraud claims. You would have to get on the phone to have your complaint heard (picture the experience you may get at the Department of Motor Vehicles).

In summary, while some of these websites may provide some insight into your insurance search, your best bet is to visit a local, independent insurance agent who can compare quotes from scores of insurance companies all at once while giving you the inside scoop.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!