Teenage Girls May See Higher Car Insurance Rates

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Although car insurance rates are cheaper for women than men, new technologies seem to be making teen girls a greater risk behind the wheel, according the Allstate 2009 State of Teen Driving survey.

Of the 1,063 teens who participated, 51% of girls said they were likely to use a cell a phone to talk, text, or e-mail while driving, compared to just 38% of male respondents.

And 84% of girls said they were likely to adjust music selections or volume while driving, versus 69% of boys.

Technology aside, 48% of girls said they were likely to speed more than 10 mph over the limit, compared to 36% of boys.

Additionally, 16% of girls described their driving as “aggressive,” nearly double the 9% rate seen in 2005.

Girls are also less likely to speak up if they feel the person behind the wheel is driving unsafely.

Of course, women typically have fewer accidents than men, so their car insurance rates are lower. And there’s a good chance the boys in the survey are fibbing more than the girls.

But it appears as if the gap is narrowing, so don’t be surprised if you’re stuck paying an arm and a leg to insure your 16-year old daughter.

To keep car insurance rates in check (car insurance is expensive for teens), the best thing your teen can do is maintain a healthy credit score, get good grades in school, obey traffic laws, and drive defensively.

By doing so, your teen will have a better chance of being eligible for discounts offered by car insurance companies, such as the good student discount and the good driver discount.

They’ll also be a whole lot safer out there on the road!

Search for car insurance quotes online or get in contact with your car insurance company or independent agent to determine if your teen qualifies for such discounts.

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