Safest Place to Drive Your Car May Not Be the Cheapest

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Wondering where it’s safest to operate your vehicle?

Well, a new survey revealed that Fort Collins, Colorado was the safest spot in the country for the second year running, according to, an insurance quote provider.

The company noted that the average driver there has a sizable 14 years between accidents and a 30 percent lower chance of getting into an accident than the national average.

Who else ranked in the top five? Drivers in Boise, Idaho, Lincoln, Nebraska, Chandler, Arizona, and Huntsville, Alabama.

If you live in one of those areas, give yourself a pat on the back and continue to drive cautiously.

But if you’re a driver in one of the following cities, be careful:

Those behind the wheel in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, Glendale, California, Newark, New Jersey, and Providence, Rhode Island exhibited the highest accident risk.

As a result, auto insurance premiums in these areas should be higher to compensate for the expected higher number of insurance claims.

So does it add up?

Let’s look at a recent survey from found that car insurance was most expensive in the state of Michigan.

Michigan wasn’t cited for having dangerous drivers, but it is the only state that guarantees unlimited personal injury protection.

For this reason, car insurance rates there are the highest in the nation. So it’s not just about the driver.

However, Washington D.C., Maryland, and California all made the top 10 in terms of most expensive states for car insurance. So they make sense.

New York and New Jersey were around the national average, and rates in Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, Arizona, and Alabama were all below the average premium paid nationally.

All in all, the numbers from both surveys add up, but they still reveal how much more goes into determining car insurance rates.

It’s not just the drivers in your state, but also the state laws pertaining to insurance, the amount of traffic, the number of companies competing for business, and so on.

In other words, don’t expect your car insurance rate to be rock-bottom simply because you live in a so-called “safer area” than others.

And understand that individual driving characteristics are also highly important, such as what’s found on your motor vehicle record and CLUE report.

Your credit score (insurance score) can also sway your insurance premium tremendously, so be sure to keep your financials in top shape if you want to get the lowest price on your auto insurance.

Tip: 10 ways to lower your car insurance premium.

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