Nevada Uninsured Motorist Laws Get Tougher

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Nevada drivers have even more reason to ensure they are properly insured going forward.

Starting July 1, Senate Bill 323 establishes a tiered system of fees and fines for those who allow their auto insurance coverage to lapse.

Previously, vehicles with a lapse of insurance coverage were subject to suspension of registration and a reinstatement fee of $250.

[Is car insurance for the car or driver?]

Fines up to $1,750!

But now drivers could face fees up to $1,750 if they fail to carry state minimum auto insurance coverage.

Per the new law, those who only lapse for 1-30 days will still face a $250 fine (assuming it’s their first offense), but repeat offenders could face fees up to $750.

And those who lapse for 181 days or more, even if they aren’t repeat offenders, will pay the big bucks ($1,000+) and be required to get SR-22 insurance.

So if you’re thinking about “letting it ride” in Vegas, you may want to re-think that decision very carefully.

Get Liability-Only Auto at the Minimum

There are plenty of cost-efficient options for those seeking liability-only insurance.

Keep in mind that while it’s much cheaper than full coverage auto insurance, it doesn’t cover physical damage to your own vehicle, which could be pretty important if you drive a Corvette or similar sports car.

If you’re currently driving without insurance or feel you may not be adequately covered, obtain insurance quotes and/or speak with an independent insurance agent to discuss your coverage needs.

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