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Is Insurance Cheaper for a Motorcycle than a Car?

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Insurance Q&A: “Is insurance cheaper for a motorcycle than a car?”

It certainly can be, but there’s no guarantee. The question, as posed, doesn’t provide enough detail to offer a solid “yes” or “no.”

Motorcycle Insurance Is Typically Cheaper, But…

When it comes to motorcycles, they aren’t typically worth as much as cars, and they can’t cause nearly as much property damage and bodily injury as a vehicle could (unless it’s an action movie), so motorcycle insurance is typically cheaper.

But one of the few things that can make a motorcycle policy very expensive is personal injury protection, which covers the rider’s injuries.

So depending on your personal rating factors, it could go either way.

If you’re looking for a simple response that will tell you how to save the most money in a budget pinch, the motorcycle policy will likely be much cheaper.

To be a little more clear, it’s important to understand how insurers determine rates to get down to the answer at the individual level. That’s really the key here.

The Rider Is Key to the Equation

Insurers look at each of us as a “risk,” because every policy they issue entertains the risk of accepting a small amount of money (insurance premium) for the chance they will have to pay through the nose in the event of an insurance claim.

They are going to look at the covered people and their driving record, the vehicle/motorcycle, and the requested coverage to determine what type of “risk” the policy represents.

Is the policy in question for a 45-year old married female with a clean MVR, requesting liability only – no physical damage coverage – on a 350CC Honda or a Toyota Camry?

…Or are we talking about an 18 year old single male with a DUI wanting a full coverage policy for a 1500CC sport bike or Chevy Camaro?

See where we’re going with this? Insurance is more about the person in this instance, not the ride.

No matter who you are, if you have poor credit, a bad driving history, and need to drive the newest, largest, or fastest vehicle on the market…it’s going to cost you, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle.

At the end of the day, it’s imperative to compare insurance quotes online and visit a local independent insurance agent to shop your rate with multiple insurers to get the best deal for your desired coverage, no matter how you get around town…car or bike.

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