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If you currently have an auto insurance policy, make sure you’re getting the good driver discount (assuming you’re actually a good driver).

The “Good Driver discount” is a no-brainer that will save you a substantial amount of money (typically 20% or more) on your auto insurance policy over the course of the year, and it doesn’t take much to qualify.

What Does It Take to Be a Good Driver?

  • Typically car insurers require 3+ years of clean driving history
  • In order to be considered a “good driver” and earn the discount
  • This means no tickets or at-fault accidents in the 36-month period preceding renewal
  • And no major incidents for the past decade (e.g. DUI or felony)

To be considered a good driver with most carriers, all drivers of the insured vehicle must have been licensed to drive for the past three years and must have maintained a clean driving record during that time.

In general, this means no major convictions, no more than one minor conviction, and no at-fault accidents resulting in bodily injury or death or an at-fault accident involving property damage that resulted in a 1-point minor conviction.

Additionally, all drivers must not have been convicted of driving under the influence in the past 10 years.

Note that the definition of a good driver may vary from one insurer to the next, or state by state, with some requiring a full five years of good driving.

Remember, these infractions stick with you for a long time, so it’s important to drive carefully and responsibly.

Those Tickets and Accidents Will Cost You for Years…

  • If you miss out on the good driver discounts offered by most insurers
  • You’ll be paying more money each policy period
  • That means those incidents can cost you a lot more than you think
  • All the more reason to drive carefully and obey traffic laws

As noted in an earlier post, the real cost of a speeding ticket is much more than the price of the citation, thanks to higher insurance premiums for several years following the incident.

This is critical for teen drivers, who tend to cost their parents the most amount of money. They need to be especially careful when driving.

Once your teen has been licensed for the minimum period of time (typically 3 years), be sure to inquire about the good driver discount to lower their policy premium.

It could result in a big chunk of change considering how expensive car insurance is for teenage drivers. Same goes for the good student discount

If you’re unsure if you’re receiving or eligible for the good driver discount, contact your insurance company or insurance agent for more information.

Note that these are general rules for the good driver discount, and they may vary by carrier and state.

Tip: It’s important to inquire about discounts because they aren’t always automatically applied, and many often get overlooked if you don’t speak up.

So always ask about each and every car insurance discount and have the agent go over them one by one to ensure nothing is missed!

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!