Cheapest and Most Expensive Cars to Insure in 2010

November 29, 2010 1 Comment »


Earlier this month, InsWeb released their list of the “cheapest and most expensive cars to insure” for 2010.

The company developed the list by comparing car insurance quotes requested by its customers between January and September of this year for 2010 model vehicles.

Topping the infamous list was the Acura ZDX, which is a luxury crossover vehicle.

The car starts at around $45,495 and can be leased for roughly $620 per month.

It was followed by the Audi TTS and the Audi A5, a pair of sports cars from the German automaker.

The TTS prices for around $45-$50k, while the A5 prices between $40-$45k.

Price Alone Doesn’t Affect Car Insurance Rates

But price alone doesn’t affect car insurance rates; safety and security features, and the cost of repairs also come into play.

In other words, safety features can save you two-fold, by reducing injuries and resulting claims severity.

Then there’s loss history, which reflects a certain model’s record of involvement in insurance claims – cars with a history of pricey liability and comprehensive claims cost more to insure.

Driver behavior is also an important factor that, ahem, drives car insurance rates. As a result, lower-priced vehicles may cost more to insure because they’re often driven by younger drivers, who file more claims (why is car insurance so high for teenagers).

InsWeb, a leading online car insurance comparison provider, compared over 400 car models for the annual study.

The 10 most expensive vehicles to insure:

1. Acura ZDX
2. Audi TTS
3. Audi A5
4. Cadillac Escalade
5. Chevrolet Corvette
6. BMW Z4
7. Lexus SC
8. Jaguar XF
9. Cadillac STS
10. Dodge Challenger

The 10 least expensive vehicles to insure:

1. Kia Sedona
2. Mazda Mazda5
3. Ford Escape
4. Hyundai Santa Fe
5. Mercury Mariner
6. Chrysler PT Cruiser
7. Ford Explorer
8. Subaru Outback
9. Kia Optima
10. Chevrolet Equinox

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