Can I Get Insurance With a Permit?

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Insurance Q&A: “Can I get insurance with a permit?”

The answer depends on which state you live in.

A permit can be thought of as a temporary or provisional driver’s license. Ultimately, you are permitted by the state in which you reside to operate a motor vehicle.

This also means you must have insurance coverage equal to at least the state mandatory minimum liability limits.

Of course, liability-only car insurance does not mean you are fully protected. It just means you have the minimum car insurance to operate a vehicle on public roads.

More often than not, you will be covered by your parent’s car insurance policy. Insurers typically require all persons living in the household where a vehicle is principally garaged to be listed on their policy.

Whether you are under sixteen or simply not licensed at any age, you have to be either listed as a driver or excluded from coverage on any car insurance policy in force for the address where you reside.

If you are excluded, you do not have coverage, and if you drive a car and get into an accident, the insurance company will deny the insurance claim and not pay for any damages you may be liable for.

So be careful, because without insurance in place, you could be personally sued by the other driver and stuck with a large bill.

If you have a permit or are unlicensed, it is recommend that you shop online for insurance quotes and/or contact an independent insurance agent.

This will give you the best chance of obtaining the auto insurance coverage you want at a rate you’re comfortable with.

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