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“My mama told me, you better shop around.”

Great song, and even better advice…especially coming from the person who loves you most in the world, Mom.

So why is Allstate suggesting that we shouldn’t shop around, while arguing that we’ll somehow “get more” if we don’t.

We at TTAI have never claimed to be geniuses, but this advice seems a little counterintuitive if the goal is to save money on your car insurance.

Does This Campaign Make Sense?

It does if you’re Allstate. In fact, any business on planet Earth, from insurance to paper plates, would probably stand to make huge profits if their customers had no idea what anyone else was charging for the same product.

Come to think if it, this website is currently for sale. We are only asking for $1,000,000,000. Is it a good deal? Of course it is. Take our word for it…whatever you do, don’t “shop more” to find out how much you can get a similar website for. See what we’re getting at?

Allstate may have the cheapest car insurance in the nation (Value Plan). But if they did, wouldn’t they tell us to shop around to prove it? We’re guessing this new campaign is designed to stop us from doing our due diligence.

Unsolicited Advice

Assuming you’ve got a few minutes, it is recommended that you do the opposite of this advertising campaign.

If asked, we, and probably anyone else, would tell you to shop more to get better coverage for less.

In fact, we’d say shop your insurance every year or two. Why?

Well, insurers (all of them) regularly change their car insurance rates. Typically, at least once each year. Maybe they increase their prices, maybe they lower them.

Regardless, you should at least grab the occasional insurance premium quote online and/or speak with a local independent insurance agent to see if you are overpaying for your coverage.

Last Word

You may be missing something if all you know about your insurance company is what you hear about them in their own commercials. Sadly, many people purchase their insurance with this mindset.

Allstate knows that so well they have introduced an ad campaign that tells you to simply call them and pay what they tell you…don’t bother doing any research. And whatever you do, don’t shop around and compare insurance quotes.

We wonder if the person who came up with this campaign makes all of his or her personal financial decisions without the slightest clue of what other companies are charging. We doubt it, and perhaps you should as well.

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