21st Century Auto Insurance Discounts

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21st Century Auto Insurance Discounts

You’ve probably heard of 21st Century auto insurance.

They’ve currently got commercials running nationwide that play on the fact that insurance is a basically a commodity.

In one spot, they compare filing an insurance claim with Geico vs. 21st Century, illustrating that both drivers will get reimbursed for the same accident or theft, or whatever it happens to be…just for less money.

It’s a good pitch, considering we feel the same way. Coverage isn’t all that different among carriers, but price can vary widely.

So if you’ve done your shopping (insurance quotes, insurance agents, etc) and decided 21st century auto is a contender, consider the available discounts offered by the company that could make your insurance premium even lower.

21st Century Auto Insurance Discounts

Accident/ticket free (4 years and 5 years) – as a new customer, get tiered discounts for being accident and violation-free for a certain number of years prior to obtaining coverage with 21st Century.

Anti-theft – get a discount for having an anti-theft device in your vehicle.

Defensive driver discount – get a discount for completing a defensive driving course recognized by the applicable state’s DMV.

Drivers education discount – new drivers may be eligible for a discount if they complete a drivers education course.

Good/Non-good drivers on same policy (must be good for 36 months) – a good driver can get a discount despite a bad driver being on the same policy (typically this doesn’t fly, so it could save you money if there is a teen driver in your household).

Good student discount – get a discount if you are a high-school or college student who receives qualifying good grades and/or makes the almighty deans list.

Group discount – various discounts for being part of a group – inquire with your agent or representative.

Mature driver – get a discount simply for being old!

Multi-car discount – get a discount for having multiple vehicles insured by 21st Century.

Yearly accident/violation free discount – if your record is a bit spotty, get a discount for each subsequent year you go accident/violation-free with 21st Century.

Note: Not every discount is available in each state and individual discount percentages may vary by the state in which you reside.

Also know that car insurance companies are constantly tweaking their rates based on their results, so these discounts could be changing as we speak.

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