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What is a Statement of No Loss?

November 29, 2011 1 Comment »

Okay, so you’ve missed your insurance payment and you coverage has lapsed. Yeah, that’s right; insurance is a no-pay, no-play game. If you don’t make a timely payment within the “grace period,” your coverage stops. If we’re talking about your ... Read More »

Condominium Unit Owners Insurance

November 28, 2011 No Comments »

Unlike a homeowner’s insurance policy, condominium (and renters) insurance policies are designed to cover your personal property and liability, not the physical structure you live in. The coverage difference is due to a key aspect of insurance, which says you ... Read More »

Five Insurance Fees To Watch Out For

November 23, 2011 No Comments »

Insurance can be one of the biggest expenses in our monthly budgets. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to stop insurers from tacking on fees when they sell us policies. While some are impossible to dodge, you may have more of a ... Read More »

State Farm Renters Insurance Review: Does It Pay to Bundle?

November 17, 2011 1 Comment »

Finally! A television ad campaign from State Farm that actually talks about one of their insurance products, as opposed to simply showing Lebron James dancing around in a parking structure. But wait, it gets better. The new insurance-centric ad focuses ... Read More »

Personal Injury Protection Fraud Rampant In Florida

November 15, 2011 No Comments »

Personal injury protection can be an important additional auto insurance coverage. In fact, some states consider this coverage so important that it’s mandatory. This means your car insurance policy HAS to have it and you HAVE to pay for it. ... Read More »

Aetna Payment Estimator Review

November 14, 2011 No Comments »

A certain unnamed TTAI staff member recently went in for their “free” annual physical. Many health insurers offer this as a preventative measure against major medical problems that may go undiscovered without routine screenings. Sounds simple enough…right? Wrong. You probably ... Read More »

Do I Need Full Glass Coverage?

November 14, 2011 No Comments »

Car insurance Q&A: “Do I need full glass coverage?” It seems like there is no end to the number of auto insurance coverage options available nowadays. Accident forgiveness, ticket forgiveness, personal injury protection, auto death indemnity…and now there are different ... Read More »

Insurance Pricing Cycles: Hard vs. Soft Market

November 9, 2011 No Comments »

Similar to how the broader economy shifts from expansion to recession, the insurance market has a cycle as well. There are two distinct periods of the cycle, known as the “hard” and “soft” markets. While you would need an advanced ... Read More »

Do I Need Insurance to Buy a Used Car?

November 8, 2011 No Comments »

Insurance Q&A: “Do I need insurance to buy a used car? The devil is in the details when it comes to answering this question. While it is mandatory in nearly every state to have at least minimum car insurance coverage ... Read More »

Commercial Auto vs. Personal Auto vs. Business Auto

Commercial Auto vs. Personal Auto vs. Business Auto
November 3, 2011 No Comments »

If we haven’t lost you already, read on and we’ll try to provide a basic overview of the differences between three common types of auto insurance policies. It’s no wonder that we can get a little lost when dealing with ... Read More »