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Lender Forced Property Insurance

September 26, 2011 No Comments »

We’ve all (semi) jokingly said, “I don’t own the house…the bank does.” For those of us with a mortgage hanging over our heads, knowing this can be a sad reality of homeownership. After all, the property isn’t truly yours until ... Read More »

What Is an Insurance Binder?

September 23, 2011 No Comments »

Insurance Q&A: “What is an insurance binder?” Spoiler alert: It’s not a Trapper Keeper! Insurance is a business of promises and paperwork. Usually, in that order. The insured promises to pay an insurance premium and the insurer promises to pay ... Read More »

Does My Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

September 20, 2011 No Comments »

Insurance Q&A: “Does my insurance cover windshield replacement?” It has already happened or likely will at some point in your driving career. A rock will get kicked up in the air by someone else’s tire on the highway…and as a ... Read More »

Why Is Landlords Insurance More Expensive than Homeowners?

September 14, 2011 No Comments »

Insurance agents frequently get asked this question. And for good reason – it seems counterintuitive that you’d have to pay more to insure a home you don’t live in, right? Many property investors don’t think about insurance until the last ... Read More »

Is Insurance For A Jeep Expensive?

September 13, 2011 No Comments »

Insurance Q&A: “Is insurance for a Jeep expensive?” The answer to this question will depend largely on the type of Jeep you are looking to insure. If it’s a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, then yes, you may find it relatively ... Read More »

Is My Car Insurance Valid…

September 12, 2011 No Comments »

We get questions all the time about whether car insurance coverage is valid in certain circumstances. Typically, the questions center on who is covered to drive your vehicle. In this post, we’ll tackle the subject of your car insurance validity ... Read More »

Why Is Insurance Required for a House?

September 8, 2011 No Comments »

Insurance Q&A: “Why is insurance required for a house?” The good news is that insurance is not actually required for a home you own. I guess this is where we define that thin line between “owning” a home and living ... Read More »

Allstate Value Plan Review

September 7, 2011 No Comments »

Allstate is pushing its so-called value program on television nowadays…but they’re not giving a lot of detail about what the plan incorporates. Enter TTAI. We did a little digging to see exactly what the “Allstate Value Plan®” offers and it ... Read More »

Hurricane Insurance

September 6, 2011 No Comments »

Well, now that Hurricane Irene has drawn your attention, let’s talk “hurricane insurance. “ Odds are you’re likely covered by your current property insurance policy, whether it’s renters insurance, landlords or a homeowner’s insurance policy. Basically, if you live in ... Read More »