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California May Outlaw Gender Pricing for Health Insurance

May 21, 2009 No Comments »

Unknown to many, women are often charged more for health insurance than men, as they generally use more health care services in a given year. However, the gap in usage versus price seems to be a bit out of whack, ... Read More »

41 Million Licensed U.S. Drivers May Be Unfit to Drive

May 21, 2009 No Comments »

A whopping 41 million licensed American drivers may be “unfit” for the road, according to the 2009 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test released this week. The survey found that 20.1 percent of licensed Americans would not pass a written drivers ... Read More »

The Danger of the Carpool Lane

May 11, 2009 No Comments »

This blog is mainly about insurance, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in some safety tips here and there, especially when they may affect what you pay in auto insurance premiums. A couple of years back, I was involved in ... Read More »